JET Contracting management is committed to and understand that the safety and health of the employee is one of the utmost important elements. JET Contracting is committed to provide and maintain a safe and healthy work environment and to promote safe work practices in its entire operational and/ or work execution process.

The management generates continual efforts for the improvement and prevention of occupational accidents, through setting of measurable means by adopting benchmarks against the established organizational goals, objectives and targets to review and monitor the performance periodically in order to ensure the effectiveness of the safety management system.

JET Contracting accepts and undertakes the ultimate responsibility of the implementation of the health, safety, environment & quality policy in the organization. JET Contracting communicates, encourages, and supports the health and safety practices, which are supervised throughout the various managerial and supervising positions and ruled via the company policy and procedures.

It is our responsibility to safeguard the health & safety of all JET employees and other personnel within JET work areas. To do so, the following points are considered fundamental:

The safety of the employee is of paramount importance.

Safety will take precedence over all other considerations during site operations. Jorda nian safety laws and requirements shall be complied with.

All managers, supervisors and employees will be involved in the implementation of safety procedures.

The Management will ensure that there is adequate staff, funds and material to meet these requirements.

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